Tuesday 28 May 2019

Sunday 24 March 2019

Am feeling sad and frustrated ...

as more and more studs close. It is gutting to see the continuing decline in purpose bred performance horse breeding programs in this country. Many buyers just don’t realise the true value of these progeny compared with others that are NOT bred for equestrian sports. 

You can always buy cheaper horses but are they going to end up being cheaper to keep and maintain? Are they going to fulfill your dreams and aspirations?

So, if you want to represent Australia, are you prepared to live overseas (away from friends and family)? change your nationality so that you can afford to ride with owners and sponsors? Because very soon, we won’t have the quality of horses that are good enough to be competitive on the world stage in equestrian disciplines.

Breeders put their heart and soul into their mission and sacrifice many ‘normal’ things like holidays, designer clothes, flash cars, health and beauty treatments, etc etc because it is actually NOT profitable to breed horses on an ongoing basis.

It is also physically demanding and emotionally tortuous as there are tough decisions to make every year with euthanising or trying to fix the injured or imperfect, but we do it because we want to make a difference, create a legacy and we believe we can improve the quality and standard of horses in Australia, so that riders can compete more successfully and represent Australia at international level.

There are no Olympic medals, accolades or awards for breeders of these horses, it is a project of passion rather commercial gain but with very little recognition or appreciation. Good luck to aspiring riders in the future because once all of mine are sold, I doubt if I’ll be breeding anymore again.