Sunday 31 August 2014

Such lovely mornings at this time of year.

Thursday 28 August 2014

Great news!

Most people know ESB Irish Nimbus, he is an institution! He has been quite unwell and we were starting to fear the worst (he is nearly 20 yrs old). He has been scoped and had an ultra sound (see his clipped girth area) to discover large tum...ours in his mediastinum (the area in the chest between the lungs, that contains the heart, the aorta, the trachea and the oesophagus). Well after much fuss and many discussions about what to do next, he has rallied to graze the 'long acre' yet again as 'Charlie the Unicorn'! Bless him oxo
ESB Irish Fiddle has come out of retirement at 17 and after .... 4* competitions and is happy to be back in work!
Fiddle with his new friend Sorrel Porteous in the UK


Saturday 2 August 2014

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My office after working on the website, agggh! Time to pack up and get back in the saddle.

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