Thursday 23 April 2015

How time flies ...

... where does time go? Life is so crazy that trying to keep up with a regular blog is very obviously too hard! So, after another successful foaling season and seven more lovely ESB babies, I turned my attention back to competing. I was still struggling to get my Troopie (Landcruiser) sorted so that I had a proper towing vehicle. The local 4x4 business had taken it in August to replace the engine and I had paid them $6,000 but it still wasn't fixed. After much grief in trying to find a solution I have unfortunately had to place the matter with my solicitor.

In the meantime, I purchased 'Bessie' (now known as Truck Junior or TJ) and decided to restore her so that I could get the horses back on the road. Little did I know what I was taking on! Even with the help of true and trusted friends, it has taken me over two and a half months, working full time on her to bring her up to speed.

Here is the result: